Delicious! Scrumptious! Yummy!

These are the words we, Chris & Denise, want you to be thinking, saying and even feeling when you are visiting our site.

We have been dating for quite a few years now and have been on some amazing adventures together, and one thing that we have realized about GREAT adventures is that they require but one thing…

Open mindedness. Having that with the places you visit, the people you meet, the stories you share and finally, the food that you eat.

It is with an open mind that we have eaten a whole pepper crab in Singapore, kangaroo steak in Australia, yaprak sarma in Istanbul, and have dined in the dark at a NOX restaurant. Through these experiences, we started to become more adventurous with our own daily cooking sessions, and have loved every minute of it, no matter if it was a success or not so much.

We enjoy¬†sharing these moments with our friends and family, and they enjoy it too… we hope. So we decided to start sharing our foodie adventures with anyone that wants to take part.

Hopefully, our site will make you understand that the great things in life are good people, some laughter and amazing food.