Laurentina Review

01/10/2018 0 Comments
Laurentina in Morningside is hidden in a building that looks like an old Victorian house in the middle of Sandton, busting with Afro-Porto vibes. That’s African/Portuguese for the uninformed around here.

House at the beach

We walked into this Victorian house to be welcomed by bright colours and smiling faces. The tables, chairs, walls and outfits are all vibrant and just screams Mozambiqan holiday, especially with the warm and soft lights dimly lighting the area for a romantic evening. The night started with tropical, make-you-feel-like-you-are-on-holiday, music, which was perfect for those starter drinks. Sadly, as the restaurant filled up and became all noisy, the music also just stopped, only returning much later.

Rub a dub dub, get ready for the grub

Holy moly, if you are hungry then this is the place for you, as their portion sizes are humongous. Starters, mains, desserts, all of it was quite a mouthful.

Let’s begin

We started with something dear to our hearts, good ol’ peri-peri chicken livers, and this was truly a winner, a hero, the victor for the evening if you will. It didn’t burn too much but had that perfect hint of spiciness with the sauce that we could almost drink as-is. The livers were cooked to perfection and soaked up the sauce with ease. Damn, just started drooling as we typed this.

Main course here we come

The mains were all over the place. All our plates had one thing in common, and that was prawns, tonnes and tonnes of prawns.

We had one of their most highly recommended dishes, the Quarter Chicken and Prawn combo. This dish had best of both worlds, the chicken was a bit dry and way too salty to even finish which left us disappointed, but the prawns, oh the prawns was what great chefs strive to make. Lightly marinated in a lemon butter sauce, not dripping down your elbows, but also not bone dry, each bite was packed full of flavour that really enhanced the meat of the prawn.

Our next main was the Camarao Nacional, which is a full plate of princess prawns prepared in a beer and garlic sauce. Sounds tasty, but wasn’t what we hoped for, as the sauce itself was very heavy, and just plain bland. To finish off a plate soaked in a one-dimensional sauce isn’t our forte.

The final main was the Bife de Marisco, a rump topped with prawns and calamari in a white wine sauce. This was also a let-down. The steak was overcooked, and the turf part of the dish was also nothing to inspire as it was also overcooked and rubbery. The sauce was again very one-dimensional and this time the dish had a fishyness to it that wasn’t something we enjoyed.

Finishing it off

We ended it all off with the basic, but always winning, ice-cream with chocolate sauce. The ice-cream was light and real vanilla, none of that fake stuff, with a very rich dark chocolate to cover it. Again the portion was huge, big enough for all to share, but it was really tasty.

Friendly Laurentina staff

The waiters at Laurentina were on point from beginning to end. Greeting and welcoming us in with smiles, always making sure we had a drink in hand and ready to start up a conversation as soon as they got to the table. They knew the menu well and were happy to give their recommendations. They wanted to take pictures for us and be part of them as well. It really seemed like they enjoyed the night as much as we did.


The food at Laurentina was a bit of a 50/50 but the 50 we enjoyed was truly some of the best dishes we had in quite a while. That paired with the welcoming service and holiday atmosphere makes this a great place to spend meal time. The portions are big and priced accordingly.

TTT recommends you get a portion or two of the chicken livers.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 2.5 | Service – 5 | Atmosphere – 5 | Value – 3

Laurentina gets a ‘Good on Ye’ from Two Tasty Tummies.