Olives & Plates Review

12/08/2018 0 Comments

Olives & Plates 140 on West sure is an elegant gem in the heart of Sandton, but is it a foodie gem?

Olives & Plates & Elegance

You walk into this small little patisserie slash bar looking restaurant with romantic lighting, comfortable seating diamond status feeling fixtures. They have done an excellent job at making you feel at home, but also make you feel as they if you will be treated like royalty, unfortunately that was only a feeling.

Food & Drinks

Pleasantly surprised by the delicious Long Island Ice Tea that they don’t even have on their menu. It’s strange how bars and restaurants struggle to mix this cocktail, lucky for us, Olives & Plates does a bang-up job.

We started off the evening with Meze Platter, and let us tell you, this is an ice-breaker, a crowd pleaser, an all-out must order.

Marinated artichokes, grilled halloumi, olives, hummus, tzatziki, guacamole salsa, all served with warm toasted pita and crisp breadsticks, as well as a crisp bread frisbee.

Mains is where things started going downhill a bit. We immediately went for the Linguine Prawn Pasta, one of our top pasta choices. They described it as zesty lemon, garlic, tomato & a touch of cream prawn linguine ‘must have’. Well, this is their most expensive dish and it wasn’t a huge portion.

At first we thought that it won’t be enough, but clearly, we misjudged this dish. This bowl of pasta was FLAMING. Nowhere did they indicate that they added chilli, and this doesn’t bother us too much as we do love spicy food, but this was so spicy that we couldn’t finish it, just a few bites made our lips burn. We told the waiter, he apologised and said he will tell the chef.

With that out of the way, we could dig into their Butternut & Sage Conchiglione.

Rich and very heavy with flat flavours. Sure, the butter and sage paired well, but it is an entire dish of just tasting creamy butternut and sage mixed with gorgonzola over and over. No relief whatsoever.

We were ready for good food, so we decided on an all-time winner, the Grilled Marinated Calamari.

Alas, no winner today. The best thing about this dish was actually the side salad and tasty dressing. The calamari was rubbery and bland, the only thing that helped was the lemon wedge with extra salt and black pepper.

We were about to give up, then arrived the Salmon Nicoise Salad…

This was what we’ve been waiting for all evening. This was perfection, with salmon cooked just right, a fantastic poached egg to dress and a big enough portion to satisfy anyone. If you ever make your way to Olives & Plates, do order this dish, you will not regret it.

We ended the evening with a baked cheesecake, something you can catch us with any day.

Not a bad cheesecake, but really nothing special either. Their desserts are freshly baked daily cakes, straight from the oven. Something that could be the best ending to an evening, but again, it fell a bit flat.


From asking to move tables to ordering an off-menu drink, our waiter needed to ask the manager for almost all our requests. Maybe the manager should be waiting on the tables then.


Although the evening started out great with the drink and meze platter, it went down hard with the mains. That and the subpar service leaves us with a feeling of regret, especially seeing as this wasn’t a cheap evening. The only saving grace was the fantastic mood that Olives & Plates set as you walk in.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 2 | Service – 2 | Atmosphere – 5 | Value – 3

Olives & Plates gets a ‘Good on Ye’ from Two Tasty Tummies.