Nikos Review

02/07/2018 0 Comments

NIKOS (ΝΙΚΩΣ) Coalgrill Greek is what you need when you’re looking for Greek food, and an amazing contemporary dining experience with it.

Hello to a Seaside* table

As we walked in we were greeted by one of the owners, that led us to one of their “seaside” tables. A bit confused, but also intrigued so we gladly followed along. The table was situated at the window at the far side of the restaurant overlooking 5th street, which was actually quite beautiful with the sun hitting all the windows of the skyscrapers in the area. It sure looked like the seaside with the amount of wind blowing. Seems like the area is always windy, so sitting outside might never be a good option.

Nikos is beautifully decorated with white and blue, with big windows all around to brighten it up. Makes you almost feel as if you are in a café in Greece to be honest, especially seeing as the owners are also Greek, and very friendly. It is not always that you meet such hands-on and down to earth restaurant owners.

Let’s dig in


Seeing as we are seaside we opted for some delicious cocktails. As always we grabbed a Long Island Iced Tea and some pink girly drink.

We were pleasantly surprised by these drinks as we didn’t think that they will be on par with the bars around Sandton, but they were, if not even better, especially as they weren’t nearly as expensive.


As with Greek tradition and our foodie tradition too, we grabbed a few sharing plates.

We ordered the Loaded Hummus which is a MUST, like a must stuff your face as this plate was out of this world. Give us a spoon, we will eat it as is. With it, we ordered pita bread, and later had to order even more. We sure went all out here. Our final sharing plate was Tiropita, basically egg and cheese filled phyllo pastries, which were a bit oily and more pastry than filling, but the filling was quite tasty.

The Yiro of the story

Now this was our first ever Yiro and we weren’t sure what to expect, so we jumped right in.

It might not be the prettiest dish, but what it lacks in looks it makes up in flavour. This right here is the Paros Yiro, with beef fillet, feta, peri-peri salsa, tomato, tzatziki and red onions. Filling as hell with flavour punches in every bite. We had to fight over who was going to finish this bad boy. Almost had to battle it out right then and there in Nikos. This is a very messy meal, but definitely worth it.

Dessert time

Say hello to a bowl of love.

At this point, we were pretty full and worried about finishing this Halva Ice Cream bowl. We licked this bowl clean. Not really don’t worry, we only lick plates clean at home. This was a fantastic dessert. Rich and creamy with hints of sweetness from the Halva, freshness from the pomegranates and crunch from the pistachios. This is definitely one of our top desserts.


Our waiter was friendly and attentive, making sure that our table was clean and our drinks were filled. With that, the owners also came around to check on us and just chat about how they opened the restaurant and other things that they had going on in their lives.


This entire feast with bottled water and coffees came to R500, that is including the tip. If you just look at the amount of delicious food we got then that would have been good value, but with drinks, great service and an amazing atmosphere it is just a steal if you ask us.

TTT recommends you grab a Yiro for a late lunch at one of their seaside tables.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 4.5 | Service – 5 | Atmosphere – 4 | Value – 5

Nikos gets a ‘Fist Bump’ from Two Tasty Tummies.