Durbanville Hills Review

25/06/2018 0 Comments

There is a reason why Durbanville Hills won best restaurant with Restaurant Week.

Durbanville Hills

The city of Cape Town on the one side and the small towns and Winelands on the other. High up in the Durbanville Hill to look over the beauty of the Western Cape while you are able to enjoy a good glass of wine and an amazing plate of food.

Evening of Treats

Now, if you know anything about Durbanville Hills Restaurant you probably know that the place is a bit more upmarket than most places, and this characteristic shines with the food as well. As always, we try as many dishes as we possibly can stomach, and this evening was no exception.


Beetroot carpaccio with walnuts, halved grapes and herbs all around. This doesn’t sound like your typical starter and this is where we started falling in love with Durbanville Hills.

Following this, we took the Venison tataki next to pumpkin fritters, herbs and red currant glaze.


Get ready for the big guns, because these plates weren’t for the faint of heart. Our first main was Beef sirloin, braised short rib, light carrot puree, bone marrow, straw potatoes all next to biltong dukkah. Phew, what a mouthful.

Not done yet folks, as following this plate we were greeted by pure decadence. Lamb rump grilled, sugar snap peas, radish and baby potato discs with black garlic puree.

Flavour explosion, is all we can say. Both these dishes were quite rich and very filling but each element served its purpose. Alone they were tasty, but together they made these dish mind blasting.

Just Desserts

Now, we know we said that we usually try all the dishes but here we couldn’t help ourselves and took 2 of the same plates. Failures as foodies, but we are just suckers for stuffed choux pastry.

Say hello to Profiteroles dulce de leche (basically caramel, but instead of making it with water it is made with milk, so super creamy) cream, honeycomb ice cream with fig quarters, balsamic gel and coconut dust. THIS! If we knew how good this was we would’ve ordered this for starters, mains and desserts.

Light and fluffy with creamy insides, hints of sweetness and just enough to keep you coming back. If heaven had a taste, this would be it.

The Rest

Durbanville Hills has an amazing view with staff at the ready. Never did we even think of calling the waiter over as she was there to clear the table, refill our glasses and engage in light conversation.

The evening was by no means cheap, but we did not expect it as everything went perfectly. We love a restaurant where the money spent is worth every penny.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 5 | Service – 5 | Atmosphere – 5 | Value – 5

Durbanville Hills gets the ‘Ultimate Stamp‘ from Two Tasty Tummies.

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