BeeBad Energy Drink Review

11/06/2018 0 Comments

Are you ready to BeeBad?

BeeBad is NOT just another energy drink but a healthier alternative to all those other brands out there. BeeBad isn’t meant to make you feel like a monster truck or a flaming dragon, but to energise you naturally with the power of honey.

The Taste

It is very reminiscent of a refreshing iced-tea, with light flavours and a honey overtone. It doesn’t have those overpowering characteristics of other energy drinks. It isn’t overly fizzy and sweet to an extent where it feels like you might be losing your teeth. Just a good ol’ picnic drink if you will.

We drank it and felt like a drink we could have every day to quench our thirst.

Better serve it chilled though, when it is room temperature it does kind of have a slight medicinal flavour to it.

Why BeeBad?

It doesn’t contain artificial, unhealthy and potentially harmful ingredients like a lot of other energy drinks. Did you know there have been quite a few energy drinks taken off the market because of their high amounts of caffeine and sugar as well as ingredients such as yohimbe and synephrine. These kinds of stimulants can cause serious health problems.

This is where BeeBad comes in. No refined sugar, no gluten, no artificial anything, and no unpleasant aftertaste. Sweetened and flavoured with honey to keep it as natural and healthy as possible.

More about BeeBad

Made in Italy and the official energy drink for Juventus, a professional football club in Italy, aimed to provide a naturally sourced energy drink with healthier ingredients and obviously a great taste.


If you are a person that loves their energy drinks then you should give this a try. A healthy and tasty alternative is always a step in the right direction.

So be different with BeeBad, because being bad is better.

You will be able to buy BeeBad at your nearest Spar this August.

Thank you BeeBad South Africa for gifting us with the last can in South Africa.