Heartbreak – This Week in Foodie World

10/06/2018 0 Comments

To all foodie aficionados, heartbreak in Foodie World this week!

Anthony Bourdain, a sad departure out of Foodie World


Image from www.npr.org

On Friday, the sudden suicide of Anthony Bourdain sent shock waved through the world. “The more I travel, the less I know” this quote is from Anthony Bourdain when he visited South Africa in an episode of Parts Unknown. He tried to bring the world closer together through his food journey. Something we think all of us can relate to as food really does bring people closer.

Eat with your eyes

Ugly veggies

Image from Sidedish.dmagazine.com

Who else would agree that anything you eat is more appetizing if it also looks appealing? Studio H did the stats and stated that about 30% of edible fruit and veg crops are rejected because of the way they look in South Africa.  To combat this high percentage they are working on ways to reduce food waste by turning these ugly duckling ingredients into beautiful swans through 3D printing.

SA’s best bartenders

Image from George Desipris from Pexels

With the World Class competition underway, here are the winners of the Regional Finals. Brent Perremore, from Crush Mobile bar in Cape Town, Nicholas Crouse from Lucky Shaker bar in Durban and from Johannesburg Evert de Jong from Molecular Bars. All 3 will now compete in another round to find a South African winner. The winner of that round will go Germany to compete in the global competition. Good luck guys and may the mixes be ever in your favour!