Label-free – This Week in Foodie World

03/06/2018 0 Comments

To all foodie aficionados, here is some label-free food news for the week.

A label-free South Africa

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Castle Lager SA tweeted that they are losing their label as an act to destroy the labels that divide South Africans. Some people believe they only want to capitalize on the trending Ashwin Willemse topic, others believe that they are trying to rectify a production fault which led to bottles without labels.

R363 million and counting!

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After Tiger Brands released their interim financial results, this is the sum of what the Listeriosis outbreak has cost them so far.  The devastating outbreak has claimed over 200 lives in South-Africa and infected over thousands. Two class action lawsuits have been filed against Tiger Brands.

Not joining the anti-straw movement

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Nice going McDonald’s! McDonalds’ board of directors has voted against the ban of public straws as “it is unnecessary and redundant to their current practices and initiatives and would take resources away from their other environmental initiatives.”

Ever heard of every little bit helps?

Smart Tupperware

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This is brilliant. Ovie Smarterware is a smart food storage system that can surely help to combat food waste. These tags and containers notify you how far the containing food is from spoiling. You can even connect them to your Amazon Alexa so that she can remind you. Need this!

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie

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Oh Jamie, what has Tony the Tiger or Coco the Monkey done to you? Jamie Oliver is now on a new spree to ban cartoon characters on cereal boxes.