A Science Burger – This Week in Foodie World

13/05/2018 0 Comments

To all foodie aficionados! Restaurant, coffee and science burger news

A Science Burger

Through genetically engineered ingredients, you can now eat a plant-based vegetarian ‘meat’ burger in America, called The Impossible Burger.

This is crazy, it looks like meat, smells like meat, tastes like meat, it even bleeds like meat but is 100% made out of plants… and science of course.

Restaurant Week Autumn Winners Edition 

Sadly, Restaurant Week is over, but turn that frown upside down as bookings will open on the 14th of May for the Winners Edition.

This will include all the top rated restaurants. A sneak peek into Joburg’s Winners include Gentlemen’s Arthouse, LBV, oneNINEone, Coobs, NCW and Level Four.

Tip of the week, if you subscribe to their newsletter you can have access to bookings immediately.

Nestlé partners up with Starbucks

To expand on their coffee territory, Nestlé has bought the rights to sell Starbucks branded coffee for a whopping $7.15 billion Dollars! They didn’t buy Starbucks, no no, they only bought a license.

This deal reinforces Nestlé’s position as the world’s biggest coffee company and their other partners include Nescafe and Nespresso.

Col’Cacchio is Insta-ready

We have always just ordered takeaways from Col’Cacchio, but their new creative marketing strategy has made us change to the sit-down option.

They now have ‘Instagram-ready’ placemats to take the best photos of their food. Genius strategy in our opinion, because people are always going to take photographs of food in restaurants. The restaurants might as well embrace it.