La Boqueria Review

09/04/2018 1 Comments

By now you should have somehow heard of this rather new Hispanic restaurant in Parktown North called La Boqueria. If not, let us tell you our story.

First impressions

As you walk in you are immediately greeted by a mural on the wall of a lady bullfighter smoking a cigarette. Her presence together with all the greenery makes this place feel vibrant and fresh. It gives you a silent promise that what you are about to experience will be something exotic and exciting.

Drinks, Starters and Tapas

The restaurant’s name drew inspiration from a big public market in Barcelona. Trying to order was like a going to this market, with such a diverse list of options that were categorized in an unusual manner (especially the wine list), made the process of ordering quite confusing and time-consuming. For drinks we settled on something we knew we would like, as you can’t go wrong with a G&T, am I right or am I right?

A combination of starters and tapas always works great for a lunch option. We opted in for the Cheese Plate, Wood-fired Goats Cheese, San Juan Mussels and Clams and the Croquettas. We absolutely loved the first two dishes and the Goats Cheese won hands-down, but the last two sadly fell flat on our taste buds. The Mussels and Clams were in a delicious jalapeño sauce, but the actual mussels and clams were a bit chewy. As for the Croquettas, nice and crispy but very salty in our opinion.


Big-hearted mains

We had friends join us and they couldn’t resist ordering the Son of a Butcher Man. Now, this must be the biggest piece of meat we have ever seen on a plate, Good Golly! It is a dry aged primal cut on the bone with salsa on top. The best part is you get a little fork to eat out the roasted bone marrow. This dish brought out the nom-nom sounds from everyone at the table.

Lacking Service and overpriced drinks

Now we are unsure if the service were lacking because of the Easter Weekend, but we had to constantly try to flag down our waiter to get us more drinks or to take away our plates, as the table was quite small and quickly became cluttered with empty tapas plates and glasses. It got so bad that we started putting all our dirty plates and empty glasses on the table next to us.

On the topic of value, two round of drinks worked out more than our food in total and we felt this was a bit steep for us. We are all about good cocktails, but R120 for a Long Island Iced Tea is quite extravagant.

Did it uphold the silent promise?

They definitely get points for being exotic and exciting but with okay food, overpriced drinks and lacklustre service, we were a bit disappointed.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 3.5 | Service – 2.5 | Atmosphere – 5 | Value – 3.5

La Boqueria gets a ‘Good on Ye‘ from Two Tasty Tummies

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    I totally agree with your rating. Our paella was under cooked and over priced