Boiling Water Assault – This Week in Foodie World

08/04/2018 0 Comments

To all foodies. Get ready for some seriously hot water…

Boiling Water Assault

The owner of Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant has been accused of assault by boiling water by Fortune Moyo that has stated that he ate some leftover gravy that was going to be washed away and this is when the incident occurred. Joss Da Costa, the owner, is defending himself by stating that he threw the kettle in the vicinity of himself and his employees and this is what caused the burns.

In an interview with 702 Joss explains his side of the situation, where he also states that his lawyers and the police have video evidence of him not assaulting his employee. At this time, the video has not been made public, but we would want to see the footage before we make any allegations.

No matter what circumstances, it is never okay to throw a kettle, hope everyone who got hurt has a speedy recovery. Also, Bongani Bingwa from 702 sure sounds like he already has his pitchfork ready.

Zero Rated VAT Food Items

As you all probably already know, VAT has been increased from 14% to 15%, and this might not sound like a lot, but having almost everything increased by 1% really does add up, especially to the final consumer. Luckily there are a few food items that are still “zero-rated” items.

Maize, rice, brown bread, vegetables, fruits and 14 more are all zero-rated items. The National Treasury has announced that a panel of experts will be reviewing this list, luckily keeping the current 19 items on it, and then hopefully adding a few more. The first report will be delivered on the 30th of June 2018

Suzelle DIY Cookbook

“DIY, because anybody can”. Suzelle DIY is in the works of creating her very own cookbook and if it is anything like her first book, SuzelleDIY: The Book, then we are sure that it will be a hit too. We are big fans of her and all her recipe videos are absolutely amazing. Not just fun to watch but also very tasty too.

Liam Tomlin meals for Mother’s Day

Do you love your mother? Do you love food? Does your mother love food? Then this is perfect for Mother’s Day this year. Get the great Liam Tomlin to make her a meal, or just make the meal yourself. Now you can with the Liam Tomlin Mother’s Day feast from UCook.