YuMe Review

03/04/2018 0 Comments

Call the police! There has been a crime… a crime against Asian cuisine.


“YuMe delivers a sushi experience engineered to elevate your taste sensations to new heights by creating a dream-world of sushi through innovative infusions of fresh products and distinctive tastes”. Let us put that bold statement to the test.


We walked into a nice corner restaurant with open sides, which gives you great viewing angles if you love people watching. Other than that there isn’t much going for this place. The tables are all sticky, as if they have been varnished in the last week or so. Guess it is good of them to take care of the tables, but maybe just add a tablecloth or something to ensure no stickiness.


We started with some of our favourites, Spinach and Cream Cheese Dim Sums, which on their own were a tad bland and definitely needed salt for our taste. After drenching them in the sweet chilli sauce that came with them they were better, but we generally enjoy them as is much more.

We got overly excited about our next choice, Beef Ramen. Now we know it is not something so wow, but we have a very special place in our heart for some good Ramen. We got this huge bowl of thick noodles and lots of veggies with beef strips. It looked sooo good. It was… Sweet. We like our soya broths a bit more savoury, and we know Japanese soy sauce is a bit sweeter than any of the others, but this was almost dessert sweet to be honest. A bit of a disappointment was felt here.

Finally, we tried the YuMe Most Wanted Combo, and let us tell you, this is definitely the most wanted, most wanted by the sushi police. This was not what we expected when we walked into the “Best Sushi in Jozi” awarded restaurant. Everything was covered with either mayo or bbq sauce or something similar. The sashimi was cold, so cold that you could taste water from it being frozen. We couldn’t really taste the sushi as is because the sauces just overpowered everything. This was not proper sushi in our opinion.


It was a slow day with pretty mediocre service. No one was very enthusiastic about their job, mumbling when talking to us and taking quite long with any request. Something we really don’t like is when our table stays dirty, the sticky tables made this feel even worse.


Our lunch came to R500 with 1 drink each. Seeing as we ordered the Most Wanted Combo, it came with one hell of a bounty, way more than it was worth.


Think Yu and Me should go our separate ways for now.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 2 | Service – 2 | Atmosphere – 2.5 | Value – 2

YuMe (Parkhurst) gets an ‘Angry Stare‘ from Two Tasty Tummies