Nicola Coffee Review

27/03/2018 0 Comments

Now, Nicola is a coffee with a pretty serious history. Dating back all the way to 1779.


Long ago was a coffee house, located in Lisbon, where people would meet up. People like writers and politicians, intellectuals of the time. This was the perfect place for an informal gathering of people to discuss current affairs and the like. Since the beginning, Café Nicola had its own blend of coffee that came from Brazil and São Tome and Principe, all sold under the name of Nicola.

Jump to the present day, where Café Nicola is the sole distributor of Café Nicola Coffee in South Africa. They sell, repair and maintain commercial sized coffee machines, as well as supply corporate events and functions. Atop of these they also do professional barista training.

Most importantly, they sell Coffee Beans and Coffee Capsules at a lower price than any of their upmarket competitors.

The Coffee

It is always exciting to try a new coffee. Opening the packet like a child at Christmas, not knowing exactly what you are getting, finding each different flavour and dying of excitement to try each of them. You start making the coffee, smelling those delicious aromas, almost starting to drool as you are pouring it into the cup. Everything a good cup of coffee is all about. Alas…

Each cup left a great deal to be desired or more specifically too much than what was desired. The less intense capsules lacked flavour, making you yearn for that barista poured cup, and the more intense ones left a bitter taste in your mouth that would stay for hours. Some of the coffees shared both these traits which we found very odd. These coffees gave us flashbacks to the cheap instant coffee days.

The only capsule that had a mild flavour with no bad aftertastes was the Descafeinado, their decaf capsule, which was smooth and quite enjoyable.


Bottom line is that we cannot recommend their entire range of coffee. But if you are in the market for decaf capsules and you need to save a buck then Nicola Coffee Descafeinado will probably do the trick for you.

Thank you Nicola Coffee for sending us a few Nicola Capsules to try.