Kahvé Road, let’s go on a coffee journey

19/03/2018 0 Comments

Don’t mess with our daily coffee ritual! We have been told that we might have a slight coffee problem but we don’t care as it lead us to discover Kahvé Road‘s coffee capsules!

Kahvé Road is the ‘What else’

Kahvé Road is a South-African premium and lifestyle brand focussed on coffee and patisserie, their store was established in Claremont, Cape Town. This store is split into three main parts. Part one, obviously, is where you can sit down and enjoy a proper coffee made by trained baristas. Part two, is there signature patisserie sections where you can buy yourself some freshly baked croissants and more. Part three, is their retail section where you can take the great taste of Kahvé Road home.

After being in the industry for a few years, they wanted to create a way for people to enjoy their coffee anywhere in the world, not just in their shop.  They spent almost two years experimenting on how to get palatable third wave artisanal coffee to everyone and getting the technology right. Ladies and Gentleman, roll out the red carpet as Kahvé Road has finally entered the coffee capsule industry.

The Capsules

Their capsule containers are imported from Italy with a non-resistant foiled back, so don’t fear, your current capsule machine won’t break as these are 100% compatible. They also have an air cushion to help keep a shelf-life of up to two years, because oxygen is what kills coffee. Don’t believe us? Go and grind some coffee and leave it in the open air and see what happens. These capsules are consistent and convenient, which will enhance your daily coffee ritual, because now you will be able to extract a fresh cup of coffee with the same flavour every single time.

The Kahvé Journey

Kahvé, first ever word used for coffee, is the journey on the road to varies lost cities of flavour. There are currently five capsule options to choose from:


The fabled “rose red city, half as old as time”. This is their balanced, house blend that will make you think of berries and milky chocolate. This is a great starter coffee as it will entice you to have another one.

Machu Picchu

The famous lost city of the Incas. A light, fruity and classic coffee to be best enjoyed in the afternoon as it has a low intensity, perfect way to end the day.


The “Gate of the Gods”. A concentrated darker and richer blend. The most intense blend they currently have, which works great for those who like their coffee with an extra kick.

Chan Chan

The lost city of clay. Proud ambassador for South Africa, as it is a premium grade rooibos tea spice blend.


A trojan horse as you wouldn’t expect a decaf coffee to taste this good. They use an all natural CO2 process to decaffeinate the beans.

Proudly South African

Kahvé Road is a proudly South African brand that prides itself on providing customers with an unparalleled experience inside and outside their store. Start supporting South African brands by purchasing Kahvé Road coffee.