Farro Review

12/03/2018 0 Comments

Something to eat, something to drink, something brand new to try.


You are welcomed by warm candlelight on every table that leads you to a quaint little restaurant with a minimalistic feeling portrayed very well by Michael Meyersfeld photographs on the wall. This really made us feel like we are in a little French café away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Our only complaint was the chairs, it gave us the feeling of being back in detention and sitting on those old wooden and uncomfortable school chairs.


What can we say about the food other than WOW. From start to finish and everything in between, we couldn’t find any fault, just pure deliciousness. We started with their snacks, which are small bite size little icebreakers. We had their Brioche, Darkwood Brie and White Truffle and their Fried Chicken and Seaweed Caviar. Both of these were packed full of flavour, really hitting uniqueness as well as tastiness.


Next was the starter which we shared, and man oh man, we wish we ordered one for both of us as this was by far one of the best dish of the night, their Egg Yolk Raviolo, Corn and Chilli. So smooth with a perfectly cooked egg wrapped in pasta. We didn’t quite taste the chilli that we were hoping for though.

The Mains

Mains were on the way in the forms of Kingklip, Braised Baby Gem and Fennel Gnocchi as well as Lamb Rack, Scrumpet, White Bean and Green Sauce. Yet again the meals were fantastic. Perfectly cooked fish as well and Lamb Rack, and both these dishes were filled with flavour that paired so well with each. Wholesome and hearty is the theme we got after mains. So satisfied.

Prohibition Drinks

During the evening we had the Farro G&T as well as the New York Sour, drinks which stem a lot from the Prohibition era. Both of these were great cocktails to mingle over.

Just Desserts

No good evening can go without dessert, don’t cha think? So we grabbed the Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel and 100’s & 1000’s which much to our surprise was a very fancy brownie with a hint of playfulness as it was sprinkled with popping candy. Worked quite well with the moist chocolateyness. To end the evening off, we ordered a small French Press and Chocolate Salami. Yes, you read that right, Chocolate… Salami… This is a must for anyone who enjoys chocolate.

Attentive Staff

Service was on point the entire evening. Friendly waiting staff that genuinely had the restaurant’s best interest at heart. Always making sure we were happy and cleaning the table as well as giving their own input on our orders. It was a welcoming change to see such attentiveness.

Worth it?

Now, even though everything was amazing, we do feel like it is a tad expensive, not necessarily the food but the drinks. The cocktails were quite small and this made them especially pricey, clearly they are taking the Prohibition theme quite serious.

Farro Verdict

TTT recommends you definitely start with the Egg Yolk Raviolo and have a Chocolate Salami with your coffee to end it all off.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 5 | Service – 5 | Atmosphere – 4 | Value – 4

Farro gets a ‘Fist Bump‘ from Two Tasty Tummies