All about them Ladies – This Week in Foodie World

11/03/2018 0 Comments

To all foodies. Jane Walker is coming! This week in Foodie World, it is all about the Women, as we celebrated International Women’s Day with Jane.

Walk away Johnnie, here comes Jane Walker

Diageo will release a special edition of Johnnie Walker Black Label, called ‘Jane Walker’. This will not be a new blend of Whiskey for women, it will still be the Johnnie Walker on the inside with just the label rebranded with some feminine flair. Happy International Women’s Day!

WcDonald’s for Women

Loving it! McDonald’s flipped their M to a W, on all digital platforms, for International Women’s Day. It might not be enough but at least sparked a conversation regarding gender equality.

Spicy Charlize!

First We Feast brought out a new episode of Hot Ones with Charlize Theron! We do love these, but this, in particular, was great especially hearing Charlize’s very rough potty mouth

New Rooftop HealthyFood Studio

Whoo-hoo! Discovery Vitality is relaunching their new home for the HealthyFood Studio, with the absolute best view of Sandston!

Fruits can too be contaminated with Listeriosis

With the death-toll continually rising and the recall of cold and processed meats does not mean we are in the clear. Listeriosis was found in melons in Australia. So let’s hope that our fruits are still safe.

Knife Man is the new Salt Bae

To end the week off, watch this man’s crazy knife skill! Goodbye Salty, helloooo Knife Man