Coffee Exchange Review

26/02/2018 0 Comments

Now, at Coffee Exchange it is definitely a Coffee we won’t Exchange, no sirree.


In a little old street in Parkmore you enter a cozy coffee café, with wooden decor and warm lights inviting you to venture in deeper. It was quite odd that they were completely empty on a Sunday morning at 11 am, which made us wonder if they would be worth it. It took a few seconds, but before we knew it, the place was packed and the waiter/barista/teller had his hands full running around getting to everyone.

Best Coffee Ever

This is the promised land of coffee. Oh… My… Goodness… This has got to be the best coffee, we have ever had. Pure indulgence, smooth and perfectly extracted. Just a cup of love, a cup of life. This is what real and proper coffee is all about.

What about Brunch?

We decided we wanted to grab brunch. So we grabbed an Old English Breakfast, 2 fried eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, beef sausage, grilled tomato, mushroom, and hashbrown. The hashbrown was a letdown, it kind of tasted as if it was a bit underdone, but everything else is what makes a great breakfast, especially those mushrooms, oh my golly. With that, we also went for The Banting, 2 poached eggs, grilled halloumi, sliced avocado and basil cherry tomatoes. This was sooo yummy, every ingredient was fresh and vibrant with poached eggs prepared the way they are meant to be.

Service on Point

Even though there seemed to be only one waiter/barista/teller, everything ran smoothly. Not only did he go to each table to get their order, go back to make coffee and bring drinks and food, he did it all in a timely manner. Oh yeah, he also went to everyone when they needed to pay, as well as help people that just walked in that wanted to get a coffee to go. This guy was playing all the positions in one match.

Worth it?

For two people that got delicious breakfast with 2 cups of coffee, each, for about R200, this place is definitely worth every penny.

Coffee Exchange Verdict

TTT recommends you come here on a relaxed Sunday morning, and just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

TTT’s rating out of 5: Food – 4 | Coffee – 5  | Service – 5 | Atmosphere – 3 | Value – 5

The Coffee Exchange gets a ‘Fist Bump‘ from Two Tasty Tummies