Gordon Ramsay in your Kitchen – This Week in Foodie World

25/02/2018 0 Comments

To all foodies. INCOMING! Do you want to cook and have Gordon Ramsay shout at you what to do?


Gordon Ramsay in your Kitchen

You can now get Gordon Ramsay to shout at you in your kitchen by getting the Gordon Ramsay Alexa Skill. Your Alexa will shout at you just like Gordon Ramsay does on all your favourite shows.

Luke Dale-Roberts

Day Zero draws closer every day, and Luke is opening a pop-up restaurant, The Drought Kitchen, where they want to showcase how restaurants can save a lot of water. One of the things they are doing is dishing up on editable and recyclable plates, this reduced water usage as they don’t need to clean plates anymore. Hah, we always knew that paper plates are the way to go.

Seattle Coffee Co Cups

Seattle Coffee Co has introduced a new reusable cup. Big move to stop wasting by not using paper cups anymore. These fancy new cups have a double glass lining, to ensure cold drinks stay cool and hot drinks stay blazing!

Ready to propose?

Every now and then we get all silly with new trends, and the latest seems to be Avocado Proposals. Yes, you read that correctly. Those ring boxes must be getting super expensive.

Pink Lettuce?

We have another interesting trend that is taking Instagram by storm. PINK LETTUCE. It is called La Rosa del Veneto and basically, it is grown in the dark to ensure it doesn’t go green/white like all the other types of chicory.