This Week in Foodie World

18/02/2018 0 Comments

To all foodies. INCOMING! In Foodie World there are new places coming and old places going, so get ready.

Luke Dale-Roberts X Saxon closing

Yes, you read that right! Luke is going to focus on his three Cape Town restaurants. Even though it’s closing, the head chef, Candice Philip, is opening her own restaurant, the 10th of April, at the same location.


Liam Tomlin represents

Chef Liam Tomlin represented South Africa at The Ethical Chef Days event in Italy, with the likes of our very own Michelin-Starred chef Jan Hendrik.

David Higgs expanding

The oh so famous David Higgs of Marble is expanding to a “Mad Italian” restaurant in Sandton this August.


Water legally free

Did you know that a restaurant with a liquor license is not allowed, by law, to refuse its patrons tap water?