Ella Cappuccino Review

04/02/2018 0 Comments

Who could possibly say no to a Cappuccino? A Cappuccino anywhere, anytime, it’s all up to you. Well, say hello to Ella Cappuccino…

What is it?

What is Ella Cappuccino? Well, it is pure espresso and milk, with real convenience made really easy, according to Ella, there is nothing else like it.

So we decided to put it to the test.

We love coffee

Let’s just start off by saying we love our coffee like absolutely love it, we would kill for it to be honest. This passion we have for it makes us drink it on a daily basis, and quite a few cups we might add. This is why we are very harsh about our coffee reviews, especially when people say they have expertise in coffee, be that a restaurant or a product.

How many times have you ordered a coffee at a restaurant or cafe to only get something that resembles muddy water, a flavoured milk, or a burnt piece of wood in a cup?

Or something else that is very annoying is when you order a coffee and fall in love with it, only to have your second cup be death itself. Consistency is also a big factor when it comes to coffee.

Ella Cappuccino

We were a bit skeptical of Ella at first. Gave is the feeling of an instant coffee sachet, to be honest. This is luckily where we were completely wrong. Properly brewed espresso with low-fat milk, neatly packaged in a sexy, yet stylish black and violet container, small enough to fit any hand.

Now you can begin…


A good 20 seconds to get that perfect frothiness that any cup of coffee deserves.


Easier than ripping off a band-aid, well sometimes, it can be a bit stiff to remove the seal.


Pour the shaken espresso into a cup, followed by some boiling water to have a fresh cup of coffee.


It is a good cup of coffee. Nice and easy, with no hassle or fuss. Each of the cups we had, tasted exactly the same, so big thumbs up for consistency.

Will it replace a cappuccino freshly brewed by a talented barista? No. But it sure does beat an instant mix coffee, or any other coffee made by someone that doesn’t know how.

One thing that we do like about it is the convenience. If you travel a lot, or go camping et cetera, and you love coffee, then this will be great for you.

Also, there are a few different ways to make Ella, hot or cold, so no need to worry about getting into a rut, especially because they have new flavours coming soon too.

Big thank you to Ella for sending us a few Ella Cappuccinos to try.