Juice Revolution Review

28/01/2018 0 Comments

After the silly season, I seriously struggled to get back into the normal way of eating, with normal I mean not starting a braai at 1 am or waking up in the middle of the night to eat a box of Christmas cookies. I had to do something, my body needed a good and clean break. After doing some research on juice cleanses and the benefits, I found the Juice Revolution.

Juice Revolution

We have tried juicing a few years back and tried making our own juices. Big mistake! As we didn’t have the knowledge or equipment needed, and so, our juices didn’t come out very drinkable, after 2 days of this, we were left feeling empty with a pounding headache. So when I saw that Juice Revolution sends you everything you need, all you had to add was a lemon-a-day, I was sold!

Fiona Stander founded Juice Revolution five years ago inĀ Stellenbosch and they offer a variety of different cleansing programs, juices, soups and extras to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Juice Cleanse

After my past experience of juicing, I was a bit scared so I opted in for the 5 Day Super Juice Cleanse, that doesn’t stretch into my weekend. The program consists of 20 Cold-pressed juices, 5 Nut milks, 5 Ginger shots, 5 Detox teas sachets and 5 Supplement sachets. You also get a program booklet that explains everything to you. I must say one thing that really got me focused was the daily motivating newsletters I received, they surely do offer amazing and personalised support.

Let me take you on my 5-day journey, and the trail I blazed…

Day 1

The start of a healthy decision, I was ready and excited to start the cleanse. The day was full of green, and I mean, GREEN juices. I had a minor headache from my caffeine withdraws but after taking the supplements it quickly went its way. My favourite juice of the day was the 8 A Day. This juice contained apple, spinach, celery, lime, avocado and with a hint of pineapple and ginger to break the green and make it super delicious.

Day 2

Still determined to show my mind that my body can do this for 5 days. I forgot my supplements at home so think it was more mind over matter but I was still determined to show my mind that my body can do this for 4 more days. I did not use my emergency SOS card, where you get to eat a banana if you were feeling hungry, those are for the rookies if you ask me. The Photo-Synthesizer was a winner. Basically all the greens you can think of like spinach, kale, broccoli, etc, just bear with me as I also thought this would be a little weird, but it was amazing!

Day 3

I was getting the hang of it and was feeling great! I was content and haven’t felt hungry since the start of the program. You really get a lot out of the juices and I sometimes felt so full that I couldn’t finish my juice. The Cream of Berry smoothie had a lot of ingredients like seeds, berries, banana and milk perfectly mixed andĀ balanced to take the Juice of the Day title.

Day 4

I was nonchalant about food on day 4, and felt super energized. I actually started getting a bit sad that I was almost on my last day of juicing. The Veg-out juice was super delicious. I was surprised how much I actually like all my greens juiced together.

Day 5

The last day, and so close to the finish line. I think the last day was actually my hardest day. The juices on this day was a little bit acidic for my taste so it was hard finishing them and getting all the nutrients in, this made me really miss food and was so happy that food was on the horizon. The Choc Nut Milk was a lifesaver. It was a good change of pace from all the cold juices, as you have to heat the juice up over a low heat so that the Cocoa, Dates, Macadamia nuts and Almonds blend perfectly together. It was a good way to end off all the days and especially the cleanse.


It is now almost three weeks after the cleanse and I have adapted to eating a lot more fruits and vegetables during the day, as well as start every morning with hot water with a squeeze of lemon. What I find the most useful about the cleanse is that it got me out of a nasty eating habit. Now I am used to eating smaller portions more often, and I also hydrate a lot more than I use to.

I would definitely do this cleanse again, maybe even every season.