This Week in Foodie World

21/01/2018 0 Comments

To all foodies. INCOMING! A lot has happened this week in Foodie World. We are going to give some bad news first, but read on for the good news.

Listeria outbreak worsens in Foodie World

From this week the numbers have increased and there are now 764 reported Listeriosis cases across South Africa. An alarming 212 cases in Johannesburg with 19 deaths so far. Please look out for any signs like fever, stiff neck, confusion, general weakness and vomiting/diarrhea.

To prevent getting Listeriosis

  • Don’t drink unpasteurised milk
  • Good hygiene in the kitchen
  • Cook animal foods thoroughly (no more medium-rare, only well-done for a while)
  • Don’t consume perishable foods after expiry dates

Read more here on the outbreak.


Level 6B water restrictions

Capetonians, it is time to get creative with your cooking.  From 1st of February, each person in a household only has 50 liters of water for daily consumption, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour. Bad news here.

2 new Restaurants to look out for

  • Sea Point, Coco Safar SA has just opened (17 January) their espresso-and-pâtisserie-bar-chocolate-and-coffee-lab doors to the public. Journey with them!
  • Illovo, The Kramerville Bakery is closing down to transition into a new casual fine dining restaurant called Farro in March 2018.



Coffee and Doughnuts

The Grind Coffee Company in Melrose Arch now has a cereal bar, perfect match with coffee.

Krispy Kreme just released a delicious Cinnamon & Apple Doughnish.

Saving the ocean, one straw at a time

Kudos to Ocean Basket who are banning straws and plastic bags for all of their stores nationwide.

It is shocking what damage discarded straws can do to the sea life (more information here). We hope other restaurants will follow suit on this.


Pink Kit Kat

Nestle is making a new Kit Kat using Ruby chocolate.

Depending on how the launch in Japan goes, we might be getting them soon in South Africa. Exciting stuff!