Triple T’s Recommendation of ‘Roxannes Rum Eatery’

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Roxannes Rum Eatery

A place for the everywoman. Loud and strong, with confidence and humour, serious when need to be, and brave and untamed. Roxannes Rum Eatery is a world unlike any other, with fleeting moments, that cannot be caged, that cannot be tamed, filled with passion and freedom.


As this is a bar that specializes in rum, we had to get the full experience and this we sure did. Let’s start off with their signature shots and their intricate cocktails by saying that their shots are not just different and delicious, but also HUGE.

These are like those small fruit juice glasses you get at an open breakfast buffet.

The cocktails were great for quenching your alcoholic thirst, mixed to perfection for pure deliciousness. We just want to give props to Roxannes for their use of fancy glassware. None of this R5 glasses from the Crazy Store, but proper glasses that actually looked like Waterford’s Crystal collection.


Aaahhh the food. Want something different? Want something interesting and delicious? Then what are you waiting for? Roxannes’ food was absolutely scrumptious.

We started off with Citrus Marinated Skirt Steak Tacos, layed open on in-house hand-pressed soft corn tacos with fresh ingredients. If you love Mexican food then this is surely for you. Then we went for something that everyone has to at least try once in their life, the Goth Burger.

Very interesting, black buns filled with a juicy patty, streaky bacon, pink slaw, mustard mayo, tomato and cheddar cheese. Not too much, not too little, and served with a side of greens and a bunch of small crispy curly fries. We licked our plates clean people.

Obviously we did not stop there, oh no sirree. We had to have some dessert as well.

So we grabbed the oh so rich Oreo Cheesecake and their signature Black Waffles, get ready for some blackened lips and look-like-you-did-crack looking teeth with this great evening ender.

Definitely worth the try folks. Don’t forget about their Adult Freakshakes where you can spike your own shake with some of your favourite liquors.

Attention of Staff

Our waitress was friendly and very helpful to keep our thirst quenched and she wasn’t at all shy in recommending what to order. She was a bit anally retentive about the menus in terms of how we handle them or if we put our drinks on them etc.

This was one tough photo to get… We thought it was a bit crazy, but after asking about it we immediately understood why. Their menus are very expensive to print and it’s the waiter’s responsibility to take care of them and care she took. It’s details like these that make us applaud the staff, they work, respect and seem to enjoy the restaurant. This just makes us enjoy it even more.

The Feeling

Feelings, such strong feelings. From the art, to the staff, from the music, to the drinks, and finally to the food. This place pushed all our feeling buttons, from the moment you walked in, to the sad experience of leaving.

The vibe this place creates is fantastic, and it can be seen from everyone there. A more unique bar/restaurant setting will be a tough one to find, especially with their one of a kind murals all over the place. If you are a lady, don’t forget to check out the one in the ladies room, wink wink.


First of all, we would just like to thank 4Elements Media for inviting us and a BIG thank you to Roxannes Rum Eatery for sponsoring our evening.

We recommend you start the evening with some Pink Tease shots and definitely get the Goth Burger and Black Waffles.

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