This Week in Foodie World

24/12/2017 0 Comments

To all foodies. INCOMING! This week was a bit slow, but we keep the news coming…

Jamie turned ONE

So, some of you might know that Jamie’s Italian SA opened in Melrose Arch a while back, well they turned one this week, so get over there and celebrate with them.

Long Island Iced Tea is no more

Ever heard of Long Island Iced Tea? Well now they are called Long Blockchain, and this increased their share price by 500%. This is not the cocktail folks, it’s the fruit juice company, so don’t ask your bartender for a Long Blockchain, or you might look like an idiot.


Subway starting to disappear

Subway in the US has closed over 900 stores nationwide. Clearly, they are not doing so well and might stop existing altogether.



Get festive with Two Tasty Tummies

Merry Christmas to all, now go on and spoil yourself with this fantastic Christmas drink