Fusionista Beauty and Super Spa

21/11/2017 0 Comments

Tantalize your senses at Fusionista

Be transported to an imaginary utopia at Fusionista Beauty and Super Spa.

We have been looking for a Spa experience near Sandton that isn’t too expensive and also provide great service. We finally found Fusionista in Randburg. It isn’t really in Sandton but, let us tell you, it is definitely worth the 18-minute drive.

Now we hope you don’t have decidophobia, that is a fear of making decisions, as you will have to make a lot of decisions before complete relaxation, making decisions has never been this overwhelming, but never before has decision making paid off this well.

Sense of Smell

First, you have to pick a Village or Yankee candle for your scent as well as a specific essential oil you want. This candle and or oil will be with you throughout your entire treatment, so make sure you pick the right one.

Sense of Sight

After picking our candles and getting our feet washed, we were taken through all the available rooms they have so that we could decide in which room we wanted our treatment in.

All their rooms have a unique theme. The range of rooms they have is unbelievable, they have Bamboo, Garden, Crystal, Windchime, Candle, Jacuzzi, and the oh so magnificent Koi Room…

…where you can see the Koi fish swimming underneath you while you are getting your massage on. They also mentioned that this is a perfect spot for a marriage proposal, hint hint, nudge nudge.

Sense of Touch

Not just a tip folks. Be prepared beforehand as they have an EXTENSIVE list of treatments and it might take you a while to work through them.

There is a choice between a Thai Massage, Sabai Sabai Massage, Swedish Massage and even… wait for it… a Calabash Massage, which to be honest we were a bit scared to try. Have you ever seen a calabash?

Sense of Hearing

Everything is soo soothing and relaxing. You can even pick your own playlist of music, this was a lot for us so we just left that decision in their capable hands, and we were not disappointed. Cannot really put our finger on why, but the music with the massage just worked perfectly.

Sense of Taste

To really touch your sense of taste you get a healthy drink after your treatment to ensure relaxation continues, then you are ready to go to their restaurant next door that offers a wide range of Eastern Cuisine.

The wide variety of choices they offer doesn’t stop here, oh no sirree, it just keeps on going with pages upon pages of absolutely delicious looking and tasting food.

Get the coconut milkshake, you will not be disappointed.

You can even ask for a free neck and back massage at your table whilst you wait for your meal.

Now sit back and let Fusionista transport you to your utopia!