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19/11/2017 1 Comments

To all foodies. INCOMING! This week in Foodie World some exciting things happened.

Restaurant Week Winners

Best of Cape Town: Myoga: 9.1
Best of Pretoria: Black Bamboo: 9.3
Best of Johannesburg: oneNINEone: 9.2
Best of the Winelands: Idiom: 9.2
Best of the Durban: Greedy Buddha: 9.8

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Food Theme park is opening in Italy

A foodies dream theme park is opening in Italy and it is called Eataly. An Italian food-lovers dream.


So as you might have seen a new restaurant opened in Melvile, and people were livid about the name. But lucky for them, they have already changed it to Miso

Clearly, it put them on the map

Nutella changed their RECIPE!

What is happening to the world? Nutella is changing their recipe! That is like All Gold changing Tamatie Sous’ recipe. Nee sies man.

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    Mahi Rana


    For Food Lover India is an amazing place to enjoy the various type of food and taste, every state of India will give you a different taste in their food. Especially the Street Side Food