Pappas Refined

16/11/2017 0 Comments

What’s going on?

One of Nelson Mandela Square’s oldest and most renowned eateries, Pappas did a relaunch of their cocktail menu a few months ago and has now undergone a full transition to reveal a fresh and opulent, that means to show wealth and luxury guys, new look.

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Pappas Thriving Start

In the late 1980’s the restaurant rapidly gained popularity with their unconventional way of serving steak on a hot rock, back then people thought it was really weird and started to love it, an item that is back on the menu by popular demand.

Pappas Refined Process

Over the last two months, the restaurant has undergone a series of renewals, incorporating some of South Africa’s most prestigious interior design names.

“The complete customer experience has always been very important to us. All of the changes we have incorporated will focus on building on the quality our regular patrons have come to expect of us; while introducing ourselves to a new generation of customers. It’s an evolution for the future of our family’s business,” says Charles de Olim, co-owner of the Mediterranean restaurant.

The remodeling includes a new bar enrobed with plated copper as well as a bespoke semi-private dining room, perfect for client functions or special occasions. Pappas has joined forces with Reis design from Linden who have used a Mediterranean colour pallet of cobalt blues and ash wood with splashes of copper in their conceptualisation. Reis Design went on a search across South Africa selecting tailored elements from the eclectic team at Dokter and Missus as well as the wood whisperer himself David Krynauw based in Johannesburg.

Refined Menu

Meanwhile, the family quartet of Ria, Charles, Evros and Angie have been hard at work developing new menu items that resonate with their continued passion for the industry. The new menu will be subdivided into Small and Medium plates filled with popular meze items and appetisers as well as including Pappas’ Famous Steaks, and their famed fish dishes. Remaining true to their roots, some of the new menu highlights are Trout Ceviche with lime and coriander, Feta Cheese in Phyllo infused with Mastiha, and Beef Ribs to name a few.

Those with a sweet tooth can also look forward to the Greek take on the donut hole, Loukoumades and some fusion plates like the Mastiha Panacotta. Mastiha (pronounced ma-stee-ha) is a resin, or gum, gathered from the mastic tree, a small evergreen tree, which has a licorice flavour is native to Greece and the Mediterranean region.