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If you have a food emergency and in dire need of a great foodie evening, call oneNINEone immediately.

3-Course Meal

We decided to go for their 3-course menu that they created for Restaurant Week SA 2017 as we are some seriously hungry Tummies and we don’t like missing out on any good food. We were able to choose between EARTH, a vegetarian dish, SEA a seafood dish (duh!), and FIELD, a chicken or beef dish. These were for the starters, the mains, and the dessert, but obviously dessert had no SEA option and the FIELD option had no chicken or beef in it, which makes sense as we have never seen a dessert with meat in it.


We started with EARTH, which consisted of Baby Beetroot, Celeriac, Gorgonzola, Baby Carrot, and Beurre Noisette. Phew, what a mouthful ay.

And FIELD, that was detailed Chicken Liver Parfait, Smoked Chicken Breast, Corn Forms, and Mushroom. A proper chicken dish pairing.

The FIELD had delicious elements, but the chicken breast was quite dry, even with the corn purée and liver parfait. As for EARTH, it just stood out with the amazing pairing between the baby beetroot and gorgonzola, an absolute match made in heaven.


For mains, we ordered SEA, which was a combination of Line Fish, Octopus, Mustard Seeds, Tamarin, Baby Brinjal, and Tomato. Quite an exquisite looking dish.

And FIELD, an art piece of Rib-Eye, Biltong Pap, Swiss chard, Bone Marrow, and Horseradish.

Now let us tell you, these were both fantastic. The mustard seeds and baby brinjal in the SEA dish were like nothing we have ever tasted. The FIELD was perfection. A very heavy and rich dish, but everything on the plate was pure indulgence and complimented each other so well. Perfectly cooked rib-eye, so juicy and tender, with Swiss chard that we have never had before. It was like deep fried leaf, sounds kind of weird we know, but it was so damn tasty. Not a big fan of pap, but this was one of those times that flipped your whole perception of a dish around.


Dessert was EARTH, Carrot, Saffron, White Chocolate, Pecan, and Churned Buttermilk. Looked like meatball dessert if you ask us.

And FIELD, Strawberry Varieties, Wheatgrass, and Almonds.

EARTH was like a deconstructed carrot cake with warm buttermilk to ensure it wasn’t dry, this is comfort dessert for those of you that don’t know. The FIELD was an interesting one, with the wheatgrass kind of giving you the idea of mowing the lawn while eating strawberries, not our type of dish to be honest.


They were on top of their game. We arrived and were greeted by name, which was really nice and everyone we spoke to was so friendly. We took a few photos of the restaurant and kitchen, as well as the staff as they were working and all of them smiled from ear to ear and really enjoyed being part of the photos.

It is always great when you are served with true friendliness, makes the world’s difference. They did everything a great waiter should. Serve and clear dishes quickly, be friendly and talkative when talked to, check up on you and made sure we had everything we need. The one odd thing was the amount of people checking on us. As we were eating, our waiter and the floor manager kept on coming by to ask how our meals are. This is not that bad, but it is a bit overwhelming.

Romantic, semiformal and just plain relaxing was the feelings we got from them. oneNINEone is beautiful, a wide open and arty restaurant with comfortable seating and an open kitchen for you to gawk at as the head chef prepares almost every dish.


oneNINEone is pricey, we won’t lie. But having good food, great service, and the perfect atmosphere is definitely worth paying the extra buck for in our opinion.

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