The Lunchbox Review

06/11/2017 0 Comments

Want to sleep 10 minutes extra in the morning? Tired of walking down the supermarket’s aisles trying to make the lunchbox yummier? Well, sim sala bim here is a solution.

The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox is a monthly subscription that pre-packs your lunch snacks into packets and delivers it straight to your door. Phew, now we don’t have to sacrifice our beauty sleep anymore!

There are 4 different boxes to choose from and here is a quick breakdown


What is in the box?


Once-off price

Subscription price

Kids box

3 snacks and 1 beverage 21 days R680 R630

Adult box

3 snacks 21 days R826 R763

Banting box

4 snacks (1 biltong, 1 droëwors + 2 x nuts) 20 days R899 R826

Nut-free box

3 snacks (biltong/droëwors everyday) and 1 beverage 20 days R830 N/A

The snacks are non-perishable items and around 25-50g each, that is a mix of carbohydrates, protein, fats, mineral and vitamins.

If you opt-in for the once-off option your box will be delivered within 5 working days and if you go for the monthly subscription your box will be delivered within the last week of the month.

TTT’s Thoughts

We received the Adult box from The Lunchbox, thank you so much guys! We think it is a such a great initiative, it is so simple, you just grab your pack and off you go. No fuss, no butts, no coconuts! Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so The Lunchbox really hooked us on the healthy habit of eating lunch.

You can expect yummy snacks from these guys in your Adult box.

The Adult box items were delish, but in our opinion, some of the items were a little on the high-carb side of life, will definitely suggest you go for the Banting option if you are carb conscious. Luckily The Lunchbox caters for all of the options.

We think that it will be a great idea to expand and add more vendors to keep the pack exciting as you tend to get same items a few times over the course, and it got a bit repetitive. Also, if there is a pick-my-pack option to exclude items that you don’t eat or are allergic to, now that is something we would root for.

Coupon Code

Use coupon code WON50 for R50 off a once-off purchase. You can order on their website here.