Bisquit Cognac Food Pairing

23/10/2017 0 Comments

A big group of foodies came together at Parc Fermé to enjoy an utter delicious Bisquit (That is Whisky with a B) Cognac food pairing or as the French would call it The water of life.

This was a great learning experience for us as they kept us well informed about the essence of Bisquit Cognac. We should have taken a notebook as there was a lot of information to be absorbed.

Cognac 101

Before we get started we must get you up to speed

  • For a spirit to be called a Cognac, it must be produced in the Cognac region in France
  • 90% of the grape blend must be from Ugni Blanc grapes
  • Must be twice distilled in copper pot stills
  • Aged for at least two years in French oak barrels

There are 4 grades to Cognac according to how long it was aged before bottling

  • VS (very special) must be aged for a minimum of two years in the oak
  • VSOP (very special old pale) must be aged for a minimum of four years in the oak
  • XO (extra old) must be aged for a minimum of six years in the oak

Now that we have hit you with some Cognac knowledge lets move on to the evening.

Bisquit Cognac Food Pairing at Parc Fermé

Welcoming drink

Feeling like royalty as we walked in on the red Bisquit carpet into Parc Fermé. We received a very welcoming VS Bisquit Cognac Cocktail with cucumber and ginger. Cognac VS is the one that is most commonly mixed in cocktails as it is full of fresh fruit aromas with some spicy notes.


A crispy deep fried spaghetti prawn served on top of a tian of avocado and tomato and seared tuna coated in seven spices accompanied with a wasabi mayonnaise. Big and bold flavours paired brilliantly with the VS Bisquit Cognac neat.

A quick tip on how to pair cognac with food, is to take a bite of your food, then a sip of your cognac so that the food and the cognac get to know each other a little better before swallowing. It might not be for everyone as it felt a little like the food was getting cooked in our mouths by the strong spirit, but to each his own I guess.


Everyone’s palette is different, so the mains was a Bisquit Cognac degustation. The VSOP’s mellow notes cut through the richness and brought out the bright flavours of the three dishes.

The most tender roast beef tenderloin.

Duck confit with a cognac orange sauce which we almost licked the plate clean for.

Crusted seared salmon with a creamy pepper cognac sauce. Sidenote pepper and cognac really compliment each other.


To cleanse the palate after that absolutely gorgeous pairing of food, was a sweet Mango and XO Bisquit Breeze. Now this is something to get smashed on.

And lastly, or as some would say the main event, was the Chocolate Fondant, also paired with Bisquit Cognac’s XO. The XO is very pronounced with cigar-like qualities.


All in all

It was a fantastic night with real hearted foodies we loved meeting.

Thank you Parc FerméBisquit Cognac and the Legacy Group for sponsoring the evening for us.