Soweto Polo Club

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Soweto Polo Club

The Soweto Polo Club will be the first ever polo event to be hosted in a township in Africa. Polo, much like the township Soweto, are both rich in history and flair, and what best way to showcase this by fusing both iconic symbols to create a memorable world-class experience.

A First in an African township

The inaugural event was birthed by Hloni Mathlare and Mr Enos Mafokate, the first black show-jumper in Africa and Europe, as a way to introduce an elegant experience to a new market. Soweto is a symbol of the new South Africa: an entertainment destination with an electrifying vibe for local residents and suburbian socialites.

The Event

The event will be hosted at the newly refurbished Soweto Equestrian Centre on the 28th of October 2017 and is not only aimed at being a world-class event, to rival prestigious equestrian events but to also introduce the lifestyle element of Polo to the township market as well as to develop the sport of Polo in the township.


This year’s theme, “What Jo’burg means to ME” is perfect for the flagship event that intends to bridge a huge gap in Soweto and much like the City of Johannesburg, it allows the masses access to a High-End lifestyle in an area they love and which means so much to them.

Soweto Equestrian Centre

The Soweto Equestrian Centre is located in the heart of the bustling township of Rockville, Soweto and is home to 15 horses, 8 kids that compete in Show-Jumping as well as a further 12 kids who compete in vaulting. The Soweto Equestrian Centre has been operating on 28 acres of land for 10 years and The Polo Cup affords a great opportunity to commemorate this great milestone.

The centre has 4 objectives:

  1. To open the elite world of equestrian sports to people who would never, otherwise had this chance.
  2. To train people in the skills required in the equestrian industry.
  3. To improve the welfare of the cart horses in Soweto and the surrounding areas and educate their owners in the care of the horses.
  4. To get disabled children on horses so they can experience the benefits of riding.

We intend to further the development of horse-riding and show jumping through the Soweto Equestrian Centre as well as commemorate the 10th Year of the Soweto Equestrian Centre being opened.

Join the Soweto Polo Cup

How about you show your support this year and attend this astounding event. More details about the Soweto Polo Cup event can be found here: EVENT
Also, you can contact the following people:
Ashley Santos – 074 919 2911
Natania Tenar – 072 320 3723