Rating System

02/10/2017 0 Comments

So we decided to make our ratings official by creating our very own Two Tasty Tummies’ Rating System. Get familiar as you will be seeing them across all platforms, but mainly on our Zomato and TripAdvisor reviews.

We take a lot into consideration when we review a restaurant, but our key points are Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value. Depending on where we go, we will adjust it accordingly to also review things like Drinks, or Coffee, etc.

Rating System

Eeek ( 0 – 0.9 )

Well, if you deserve such a score then you definitely don’t deserve any stamp from us.

BOO ( 1 – 1.9 )

Now this is really not what you want to be getting. This means there are some serious problems and lots of improvements that need to happen.

Angry Stare ( 2 – 2.9 )

We are not happy with our experience and there are some dire changes that need to take place.

Good On Ye ( 3 – 3.9 )

You know what? We actually enjoyed the experience, but there were some things that we didn’t like.

Fist Bump ( 4 – 4.9 )

BOOM! Now we are talking. We can barely find any faults. Possibly standing a chance to be featured as one of our Recommendations.


Welcome to the Ultimate Club. This is the cream of the crop, and you are now part of an elite group where everything was perfect-o. Possibly standing a chance to be featured as one of our Recommendations.