Black Tongue Bar Launched

28/09/2017 0 Comments

There is a new watering hole in town folks, and it has opened its doors to the public.

Welcome to the Black Tongue Bar

A new trendy and hip establishment, Black Tongue Bar, has opened its doors in Dainfern. Now before you spout off comments like “Oh no not another bar”, it’s not just another bar, firstly consider its creation: Owner musicians Jason Giacoppo and Stefan Stabic are huge fans of US rock band Mastodon who have an iconic song called?… You guessed it…“Black Tongue”. Jason reasoned “We thought it was pretty cool and it felt inherently right for the bar “. He says that the idea arose one night at band practice. “We felt that there was a gap in the market for a chilled hangout for chilled people of the North (although Southerners are most welcome), similar to what you have down in Melville. The idea was to create a warm, intimate and relaxed environment, a place where you can pop in for drinks, a light meal or to groove along to the music”.

What’s inside

Black Tongue Bar’s post-modern design is different too, rather than more formal sit-down seating, they have chosen instead to have hi-rise, bar height cocktail tables to promote easier interaction between people. Where Black Tongue Bar differs from others is in its music selection; no need to scream at each other over chest bursting basslines and endless choruses of “We own the night”. They play their music at conversational levels and specialise in chilled funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz with a little blues and classic rock to feed all tastes. They are also right on the money retro-wise too, with their old skool vinyl mix-ups and are planning to host special events including Chilled Sunday Grooves and `80s Evenings. So watch this space folks!

Drinks and food

“To good eating belongs good drinking“ (German Proverb). Of course, food and refreshments are of paramount importance to Black Tongue Bar. Their ultra-hip bar showcases a range of fine whiskeys and spirits, as well as a comprehensive selection of local wines. They also offer premium and craft beers including their own house craft pilsner brew, intriguingly called “Allan”, (you can ask why), created and supplied by TNT Brewery. Move over Tom Cruise… their very own mixologist Roxanne Read has designed an exclusive cocktail menu for Black Tongue, spinning an original twist on some classic concoctions and introducing its signature mixture, Black Tongue Tiki.

They offer a range of stomach rumbling funky bar snacks including their signature chilli poppers, wings, ribs, sliders, bruschettas and burgers including the awe-inspiring Hot Tongue Burger. Perfect for an evening with great company and an awesome atmosphere.