Pappas’ New Cocktails

05/09/2017 0 Comments

With the arrival of Spring, award winning restaurant, Pappas on the Square, located in the Nelson Mandela Square introduced a set of new cocktail additions along with their old favourites, so don’t worry about your usual, they got you covered.

Pappas’ New Cocktails

Customers can now look forward to fresh trimmings on traditional favourites like the Mojito and Cosmopolitan as well as signature additions such as Pappas Fizz, Cypriot Sundowner and Greek Sangri which was totally mind blasting, yes you read that right folks… Mind… Blasting!

Employing the expertise of a professional mixologist, owners Charles and Evros wanted to add a unique touch to the new cocktail menu. One of the most noteworthy ingredients to the new contemporary menu is the use of Mastiha. Mastiha (pronounced ma-stee-ha) is a liqueur seasoned with mastic, a resin (or gum) gathered from the mastic tree, a small evergreen tree native to Greece and the Mediterranean region.

They have also taken a liking to Ginifer, which we can completely get on board with. Ginifer Gin makes quite a few appearances in their new cocktails, and it sure does add that fruity punch to them.


They are currently in a stage where they are revamping their whole menu and restaurant, so do look out for this event to drop.

This is why we love Spring so damn much.