Triple T’s Review of ‘The Art of Food’

05/06/2017 0 Comments

An absolute gem is hidden in the small town of Dullstroom.

Warm Welcome

Right off the bat when you walk into The Art of Food you feel welcomed. Be that by the chef welcoming you or by the lovely fireplace just chasing away the cold.

I wouldn’t say that we needed to ‘Rediscover the joy of Food’ but we certainly made our family discover the joy of food with the very different breakfast menu and plating, which we will get to in due time.

Don’t expect the ordinary

Now this breakfast menu might be a bit different from your generic cafe, but this is why we loved this place so much. The Art of Food makes you step outside of your comfort zone and this is something everyone should always do.

Phyllo wrapped omelette filled with venison mince drizzled with a cranberry mint sauce sure does sound different compared to a Farmhouse breakfast, doesn’t it? That is the point folks. Aren’t you bored of just the plain old bacon and eggs? Sure it is yummy, but it is sooo 1920.

The Art of Food

As we always do, we tried to order as much as we could, and this time we almost got everything. So proud of ourselves.
Their breakfast starters were more on the sweet side of things, so obviously we had to get our starters after.

And here is the aforementioned Phyllo wrapped omelette. It might not look like a lot, but it was actually very filling. Someone had their green thinking hat on during the development of this dish.

Next is the scotch egg… oh this one makes the soul smile!

My goodness, I can actually cry. Not only was this the best plated breakfast we have ever seen, but it was absolutely delicious, like there are no words. Just go ahead and look at the photo again, I dare ye.

After mains, you should always get dessert or a breakfast starter in this case.

French toast rolls, filled with mascarpone and passion fruit, dipped in cinnamon sugar. All we can say really is, omnomnomnom.


Everything on the plate had a reason to be there. They didn’t just throw on some micro herbs and called it art. They made sure that each element was there to enhance the dish’s flavour, but at the same time keep it balanced and oh so fabulous.

This is truly a place where Art and Food meets.

The Art of Food get’s Two Tasty Tummies’ stamp of approval The Art of Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato