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13/05/2017 0 Comments

You know what is the great thing about a foodie event? No one judges you for taking photos of the food instead of eating it right away. Foodies have feelings too you know. We were invited by Zomato to attend a meetup at Saravanaa Bhavan, the largest vegetarian haven of Indian cuisine.

Zomato Meetup & ‘Greetup’

We got there, all nervous and not knowing what’s going to happen, or even who is going to be there. Quickly we got introduced to everyone by the Zomato crew, Justin and Warren. As everyone started showing up we were quite surprised that the people knew who we were, and it was so fun meeting these people that we have only “seen” on social media. Before we knew it the whole group arrived, and a big group at that.

We met, we sat, we mingled, basically we did some foodie networking. Was so cool to meet all these people that do exactly what we do. This was perfect to learn new things and be exposed to more exclusive events. Now without boring you with the details of foodie PR-ing, we have seen a whole new world of social and foodie events. Very excited about this by the way.

Starting things

We got food, and lots of it too. Just look at this set menu we got…

Now, we might not be able to pronounce all of these dishes perfectly, but we sure know how to enjoy them.

The night began with starters, obviously.

This is one of the reasons we love Indian food so much, everything is just jam packed with flavour. EVERYTHING. Each dish is filled with spices. Garlic, ginger, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, you name it, they use it. And they don’t just sprinkle it over, they spoon it in.


After starters, the meetup moved outside, where we got to see a demonstration of how they make Dosa and Poori. The best part of it all was that we all got a chance to try our hand at Indian cheffing, which might not have been a great success for all, but it sure was a fun event to take part in.

Witty banter, words of motivation and sarcastic remarks were going around with this event. Everyone pretending to be a pro at making Poori and Dosa, and snapping photos for their foodie adventures sure made this a moment to remember.

Mains have arrived

After working up an appetite for what we will be eating the evening, we all quickly shuffled back to our seats to indulge on the full platter of food that was waiting for us.

We might not be the biggest fan of the tin plate that the food was served on but with food this good, that worry quickly flew out of the window as we dove into each dish. Even though we usually prefer to have a meat on our plate for dinner, this vegetarian meal is the reason that people are vegetarian if you ask us. There was no need for meat with veggies this good.

For dessert we each got some rice pudding, which is definitely not for all. Quite sweet and filled with spice with a milky base and porridge texture, it wasn’t for us. This is mainly because we are the type of people that prefers to walk on the savoury side of the road.

We ended the evening with a masala tea. Now you might have guessed it. It had spice in it, but it was surprisingly delicious.


Just before we left, the Zomato crew quickly brought out these huge gift bags that were prepared by the restaurant. They were filled with a Biryani recipe from their kitchen with all these different spices and ingredients that they use for their dishes. Absolutely shocked to receive such an amazing gift.

Thank you to Zomato and Saravanaa Bhavan for this amazing evening.

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