Triple T’s Review of ‘Marble’

27/03/2017 0 Comments

Marble is located above a strip of classy and trendy restaurants in the Design District of Rosebank, giving you a great bird’s eye view of the city.

Interior design to ‘Marble’ at

Marble has a very modern design, a clean and plain layout making good use of romantic lighting for the tables. An extraordinary warm light came from their open plan kitchen, which housed one of the biggest fireplaces I have seen, a great feature for a restaurant if you ask me. All the tables are marble tops with wooden chairs and wood lined benches. It is not often that we walk into a restaurant and notice the design of the place first, but there was just something about Marble, so hats of to Damien Grivas, Peter Mthombeni, Krisjan Russouw and Mervyn Gers for the absolute amazing look they created.

The feel of Marble

As we walked in we were greeted by two hostesses waiting for us to either take us to our table or first get a drink at the bar. Before we started ordering I decided to quickly say hello to the head chef David Higgs and just check if we could get a photo of him. I have to say, he was very friendly and so calm, especially for a Friday evening which seemed very busy to me. It’s not every day that we get to meet famous world class chefs you know.

The reason we are here, the food

As usual, we decided to go full out and order starters, mains and desserts, all different, so we can share it all.
What we always do is try something new, especially if it is something different, so we started out with some Blackened Octopus, which is something you definitely don’t see every day. Was quite tasty especially with the chorizo and salsa verde, omnomnom.

Even though we venture outside of comfort zones, we do try to always get something we love. Tonight it was the creamy mushroom soup, and wow oh wow, it was sooo creamy, sooo mushroomy and sooo delicious.

Bring on the mains baby cakes. We were told that the recommended main dishes were the Rib-Eye and Sirloin. So we grabbed the Sirloin.

The meat was so juicy and tender, could just use a butter knife to cut through it. With it we got roasted mushrooms, oh yes, more mushroom, we just can’t get enough of thé stuff. This was a very meaty and earthy dish.

With it, we ordered the Lamb Cutlets.

And as you can see it came with a bunch of greens, you need to eat veggies if you want dessert too, folks. The beans were covered with a tomato stew which was absolutely tomazing. The Lamb Cutlets were cooked perfectly, and quite rich at the same time.

Our mains sure was very meaty though.

It was dessert time and our tummies were getting quite full, but a trooper soldiers on, so we got ourselves an ice-cream sandwich. Haven’t had one in years and the long hiatus sure made this one worth it.

Fancy restaurant doesn’t mean fancy service

So, this is always difficult to judge. Our waiter was very formal, but he lacked that “tableside” manner which I expect from a place like Marble. He wasn’t very friendly, which is something I can live with, but he took too long to clean our table, a table which we had to reserve 3 weeks prior to the evening.


The atmosphere is awesome. Definitely a great place to host a grand function, or just have a fantastic birthday dinner.
The food was delicious, and the portions were huge, which is a nice change of pace for these fancy restaurants. What we did find very odd was that each main dish came with a side of chips as well, something we felt that wasn’t needed, like at all.
Now lots of people might say we are knit picking about the service, but with an establishment as fancy and expensive as Marble, I expect the very best.

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