Triple T’s Review of ‘Flames’

16/01/2017 0 Comments

Flames is situated in Westcliff at the Four Seasons hotel and has a fantastic view for sundowners.

Perfect for Sundowners

Getting there before sunset was a great decision, especially because we got a fantastic seat too. It gave us time to browse the drinks menu, order our favourite drinks and just enjoy good company with a relaxing view. Just FYI, you can also order snacks while you enjoy your drink.

Fantastic setting

As soon as you walk out of the elevator, yes the restaurant is only accessible by elevator, well I assume there would be stairs somewhere, you can see that it is definitely a more posh restaurant than the usual franchise restaurants.

Good food and great service

Let us get down to why we came here, the flaming food.

We started with starters obviously. For the table we ordered an amazing confit duck salad, that was so fresh and light, especially for a duck dish. Our second starter was crispy camembert, and let me tell you if you like cheese then this is the dish for you. Camembert has this amazing characteristic where the cheese becomes absolutely…
Cheesy, when heated up. Now imagine a crispy-ish layer and when you cut into it, it is just cheese that starts melting out. Who needs pizza when you can have a salad like this?

Mains got off to a rocky start. We ordered steak, one grain-fed beef fillet on the bone medium-rare and one black Angus grass-fed beef rib eye rare. Yes, this place has quite a wide selection of steaks. The problem we faced was that both the steaks came to us well done, which is definitely not even close to what we ordered. We sent it back and they apologised profusely with a bottle of wine on the house. I do commend them for the way they handled it, because everyone makes mistakes, but it is the way you handle them that says a lot about your service. The table next to us also sent their steak back as it was also over cooked, so clearly not a good day for whoever cooked the steak, wonder if he still has a job.

Anyway, back to the steak. Our second steaks came out perfectly cooked to our specifications, juicy, tender and absolutely delicious. We also ordered the kingklip, which is a fantastically delicious fish when prepared right, and lord almighty they did that. Haven’t had such a good piece of fish in quite some time.

One cannot dine at a restaurant like this without having at least one dessert…
That’s why we had two.
One peppermint crisp tart bar with dark chocolate paint and crumble, and cookie dough ice cream. One milk tart creme brulee with french wafer biscuit and vanilla ice cream. These were the perfect endings to a grand dinner.


What a fantastic place if you are looking for great drinks with a calm and beautiful view. They did screw up our steaks on the first go, but they recovered quite well. We didn’t expect such a situation from Flames, but luckily they knew how to handle it. So, great drinks, great food, great service… Great restaurant.

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