Triple T’s Review of ‘Jamie’s Italian SA’

04/01/2017 0 Comments

Jamie’s Italian SA is the first Jamie’s Italian in South Africa. You can find Jamie’s recipes prepared by Shane Smit at Johannesburg’s greatest entertainment district, Melrose Arch.

Gripping Atmosphere

Jamie’s Italian SA has an atmosphere that can grip any person. The restaurant is always filled with people laughing, eating and by the look of it, just having a damn good time. This is the type of atmosphere that makes any restaurant a success. It even looked like the people in the restaurant next door was yearning for Jamie’s Italian SA.
We were seated right next to the kitchen that had some extremely bright lights, which we thought was kind of a mood killer, but after a few minutes, you realise that it is the best seat in the house because you get to see the magic happen.

Amazing Service

Our waiter Collen was really on top of his game. It felt like we were attending a friend’s dinner party, Collen was so friendly and inviting, always ready to attend to us and knowing about every ingredient used in each dish. He was very well informed and attentive, he also advised us on which beers and wine to have with our meals. So props where props are deserved.

Food for thought

The food was purely amazing. There wasn’t one dish that we ordered that we thought could have been better. Everything was fantastic, from the starter classic meat plate that we shared to each individual meal that needed to be shared and even the dessert made you want to order just one more.

This is the reason Jamie is so famous, his food is out of this world. We tried to order as much food as our bodies would allow. Starting with a sharing meat platter that consists of various meats like mortadella and prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella and pecorino, and all of it topped with chilli jam, different olives, pickled chilli and a purple slaw on the side. This sure is a great ice breaker to a great evening.

Another great sharing snack was the Italian Nachos. Oh yes, you read right, Italian Nachos, and let me tell you, the Mexicans will need to up their game because this bad boy was ridiculously good. It is basically deep fried ravioli stuffed with cheese that you dip in a tomato and chilli sauce. Mind equals blown.

We went all over with the mains, fungi pizza, jalapeno burger, flash grilled steak and the king of it all, their signature prawn linguine pasta that just bursts with delicious flavour.

You know how you know if a restaurant knows how to make a dessert? The pannacotta dances, and boy oh boy she danced, almost off the plate mind you. We really need to go back and try the other half of the menu, because this place is perfect.


If you are looking for great food, casual and inviting atmosphere, fantastic service, or just a place where you can have a drink. Then please look no further, because no matter what, Jamie’s Italian won’t let you down.
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