Triple T’s Review of ‘Level Four’ Restaurant & Champagne Bar

03/11/2016 0 Comments

Level Four is the place that doesn’t make you feel like just another customer but rather makes you feel like the only customer.

Welcome to 54 on Bath’s Level Four Restaurant & Champagne Bar, where you will enjoy the evening from start to finish.

As we walked in we were welcomed by a very friendly hostess that lead us to the Champagne Bar to start our evening. The bartender came to us and helped us to choose from their vast selection. Thank goodness though, because our knowledge on champagne is very slim, none basically. He brought us their signature champagne cocktail, that was absolutely delicious, and I’m not going to lie to you, but this drink had us tipsy. So hats of to the bartender that evening.


We realised it was time for us to get some food in our tummies, so with our champagne cocktails we quickly shimmied over to a very elegant and comfortable dining area. Tables with individual lighting and covered in rose petals, this place sure made the evening more romantic than most restaurants.


Lucky for hungry, hungry us, the menu was quite small. Each dish was very detailed and created by different chefs. So no meal to just fill up the menu, these meals were all thought out and prepared with the utmost of care.

In the mood for a bit of seafood, we both ordered a starter with some form of ocean wildlife in it. First was peri-peri prawns, plated to absolute perfection and tasting like something from a grandmaster chef, if there even is such a thing.


Our second starter was a bushel of calamari with delicate drops of amansi and chakalaka purée. So the purée drops are very South African. Amansi is fermented milk and chakalaka is basically vegetable relish. These two things together are quite a delicacy in South Africa, or so that is what I am told. Nonetheless, this dish was delish.


Our mains were so full of detail that I am just glad that I didn’t have to cook it, and I love cooking. We order Lamb shoulder two ways with root vegetables. Hearty. This is the perfect meal for a cold Winter’s Sunday overlooking the lake from your cabin in the woods with deer roaming around and maybe even a little bit of snow falling. Yes, this is what good food does and always should do. It is a passport to adventure. Wow, almost got a tear in my eye.


From red to white, we went for our second main. Duck tortellini that laid on a bed of carrot hummus and covered with carrot and orange jus. So soft and rich, yet very fresh and filling. This is what being a chef is all about. Creating dishes where the flavours are fantastic on their own and absolutely perfect when put together.


Never forget about dessert when dining at a restaurant like this. Chocolate, custard, mousse, apple, pear and more chocolate. This was a blast of flavour. I would call it a dessert boat. Noah’s dessert boat if you will, with 2 of every flavour and nothing gets left behind.


Before we even finished our dessert they rocked up with another…


It was our 5 year anniversary and they even celebrated with us. This is not all folks. As we paid the bill they came to us with a polaroid camera and took a picture of us at our table for us to take home.

Without a doubt, Level Four Restaurant & Champagne Bar gets Triple T’s stamp of approval.Level Four - 54 on Bath Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato