Triple T’s Review of ‘BBQ Workshop’

27/10/2016 0 Comments

Who is in the mood for ribs on a weekly basis? Sticky ribs? Delicious sticky ribs? As soon as you have your first taste of these succulent ribs you will most likely want to go back again, and again, and again.

20160909_175542_fotor_kitchen-webBBQ Workshop can be found at Rivonia Junction in Sandton Johannesburg. The restaurant’s wooden decor with woodfire oven makes the atmosphere great for friends and family alike to sit back, relax, and have a great meal for lunch or dinner, and obviously anytime for dessert.

They have quite an interesting menu system, where you indicate on the menu exactly what you want then the staff will create your order off of the boxes you have ticked.


We saw something that looked very interesting. Mussel Saganaki. Now usually saganaki is cheese fried in a pan, as far as we know, but here they had it a bit different.

20160909_180258_fotor_musselsaganaki-webIt was actually delicious, but lord all mighty it was salty. Glad I had a drink with me to rehydrate after this dish.

The main event and the reason why we were referred to this place by a friend… Sticky, sticky ribs.


A meal suited for a warrior after a long hard day of some serious warrior-ing. Amazing chips, a little green salad of sorts, and o so delicious ribs. Sweet sticky ribs, that just fall off the bone, slathered in what I assume must be their secret rib marinade. These ribs are quite sweet but in my opinion, that is what makes ribs so delicious.

After such a mind blasting meal, it is only understandable to order a dessert with it, and boy oh boy, this place makes one hell of a dessert. Now we all love waffles with ice-cream or whipped cream, right? Well if you do, then this is the dessert for you, and you can also build your own. This place just keeps on giving.

I present to you… Vaflaki. Big waffle cubes made with a special contraption. I’m pretty sure the inventor of this machine is resting with a big smile in his grave.


Try this place out, you will sit at your seat, but you will only need the edge.

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