Triple T’s UPDATED Review of ‘Burger & Lobster’

17/08/2016 0 Comments

A burger made by the gods themselves. Never again will you look at your everyday burger in the same way. No longer will you be satisfied by the burger you once thought was the best. This is the burger that will change your taste buds’ life.

Burger & Lobster can be found right in the middle of Bree street in Cape Town at this great big door, you can’t miss it. I was actually expecting a bouncer at the door when I saw it, all quiet outside and once you get inside the foodie party begins. It was winter by the way so that might be why the doors were closed.


As we sat down, we asked for some menus and to our surprise, they explained that don’t have menus, they only have The Menu


This made our lives so much easier. Never really enjoyed the 40-page menus, they just tire me out.

As we are only two people we could only choose two of the three options, mainly to not overeat ourselves, so we settled for the B&L Burger and Lobster Roll, it is, after all, a burger and lobster place.

Now let us dig in. They have an amazing burger that is made up of a 250g beef patty made to your liking, with bacon, tomato, and 3 kinds of cheeses on a bun that is freshly baked, so succulent, so juicy, so damn delicious. Next, they have a perfectly cooked lobster tail stuffed into a fresh brioche bun and slathered with a Japanese mayonnaise that I have never tasted before in my life, absolutely divine. What makes Burger & Lobster the perfect place to me is that effort goes into every part of the dish, even the salad was fantastic. It wasn’t just a regular iceberg lettuce with tomato, oh no, they made it with rocket, red onion slices, fresh croutons and a balsamic reduction that is out of this world.


So obviously we had to meet the chef and thank him for this amazing meal that we just had. Reimond van der Walt, the head chef, is one friendly and talented bloke.


If you ever get to visit Cape Town, do yourself the favour and pop in and have the best burger in the world. They don’t serve any alcohol yet, luckily there is no corkage fee so bring your own booze, but believe me you don’t need any alcohol with food this good. Just get drunk on the food.

UPDATE: So quite a few things have actually changed at Burger & Lobster.

One of the biggest differences is that they now serve alcohol, with a twist. They have very new age and quite interesting sounding drinks, like The Wolf of Bree Street, Satans Breath and Bacon & Maple Old Fashioned. So no more ordering ‘the usual’ as one does at other restaurants, it is time to be more adventurous and try something new.

The menu has also grown a bit, but not to worry, they are still keeping to the quality over quantity rule. Still serving the original dishes but with it, they have added a Lobster and Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese, a Lobster Nicoise Salad and a Burger & Lobster Vegetarian Burger. Every item is still unique and definitely delish.

Just a sneak peak, they will also be introducing new and magnificent sounding desserts…

For the thirsty, they have come up with “Freakshakes”, which truly does sound like something to get freaky over. This is not all folks, they are also introducing a full Ferrero Rocher Cake, my lord just imagine that on your plate.

Burger & Lobster Cape Town STILL gets Triple T’s stamp of approval.Burger & Lobster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato