Good Food and Wine Show, Part 2 – Foody Events

09/08/2016 0 Comments

Ever wondered what there is to do at The Good Food and Wine Show or any food festival or exposition? So so so many things…

We now understand why there was an option to buy a weekend pass. There we were, thinking we would be able to do everything in one day, boy oh boy were we wrong.

So overwhelmed when we got there we decided to start in the corner that said it had wine because wine not? Being the amateur wine connoisseurs we are, we found the perfect starting point, “Become a Wine Expert in 5 Minutes”. This great wall of wine had flavours that you smell instead of drink, flavours like passion fruit, white pepper and even flavours like pencil shavings and tobacco. Still don’t quite get what this wall has taught us though.


There were people everywhere and I mean everywhere, most likely because of all the different types of stalls that were there. Stalls that sell food. stalls that sell equipment, stalls that concoct new and interesting types of drinks, stalls and stalls and stalls. Then there were areas that taught you how to cook different types of food and areas that introduced people to chef schools and even to introductory baking.


Now, one of my favourite parts were the stalls where they created food with a bit of theatre, basically making the food right in front of you using new and interesting equipment or techniques. After we saw the ice cream making stall, we knew we had to stand in the 20-meter queue to get ourselves some seriously good looking ice cream.

These photos do not do justice to the art. It may seem crude, but I am pretty sure they have perfected their technique.
Starting out they pour cream onto this ice cold plate, like the opposite of a stove top and add the ingredients depending on what flavour you choose. We chose Ferrero Rocher, mmmm yum.
Now the interesting part begins. They work the cream. Move it around to freeze it then they break it up and spread it over the cold plate, they repeat this process a lot.
Once it is an ice cream like consistency they spread it out and start peeling it off to create these “ice cream rolls”.


These food festivals are great, and jam packed with things to keep you busy. It was really a fantastic experience, I do recommend it to anyone.