Try the untried

20/07/2016 1 Comments

Too often do we get the regular. Too many times do we only settle for the usual. Too much of the favourite can turn into the boring.

Start to feast on the undiscovered. Eat the dish you haven’t eaten. Try the untried.

We are no strangers to trying anything new, we actually pride ourselves on being open minded and going for the choice that we have never seen. But just like everyone else, we are creatures of habit, and we too start to enjoy our favourite places and favourite dishes. It is safe, easy and comfortable. Basically, it is a rut.

Luckily Denise threw caution to the not so dangerous wind and decided for the both of us that it was time to break this “rutteen” of ours. We were both salivating after some Asian cuisine and there is this great Chinese restaurant, Gwefey, close to where we live.

We decided this meal was going to be full of new choices, from drinks to dessert, if we could get that far…

Goji Berry Chrysanthemum Tea
Basically, this is the Fountain of Youth tea, helps to slow down the effects of ageing and man oh man I feel like I’m 23 again, that was last year by the way.

They have lots of interesting things on their menu, from finely chopped prawns rolled into balls, to Indian pancakes, which are super thin, but also filled with a meat of your choice, definitely a winner.

Shanghai BBQ Pork Ribs
Quickly fried and mixed with dark aged vinegar, soy and palm sugar. Not gonna lie, this was odd tasting, felt boiled and gluey. Open mindedness for the win.

Life is too short to leave without trying new and different things.

So go out there and try the untried.

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    Yummy the BBQ Pork ribs look amazing!!!