Fancy ain’t so Difficult

06/07/2016 3 Comments

So we watch quite a lot of cooking shows. From Jamie at Home to Gordon’s Ultimate Cookery Course, and even some Masterchef. We love it all. It’s not just entertaining, it is also very educational and absolutely inspirational, my goodness it is just exceptional. Think those are enough ‘tional words for one sentence, I’m pretty sure I made my point.

All these shows have quite a lot in common. Something we noticed quite a lot is that there are always fancy dishes being made and plated up. Even though they explain how it is made, it just seems very daunting to try, especially if it is with ingredients that are a bit more expensive than your average onion price.

We decided it was time… Time to dine. Fine dine if you will.
We got the courage to prepare a dish that has some duck in it. A lot of people are afraid to cook with it, mainly because it is easy to screw up, but that is the fun part about cooking. Trying new things and making something new. This is exactly what we did.

Now all we needed was something to go with the duck, some sauce, and some vegetables. We couldn’t have the duck all by its lonesome, all alone, that would’ve been quite sad, to be honest. Luckily we eat veggies on a daily basis and had a good idea of something that would go well with duck without overpowering the duck and keep a good balance. Balance is very important when preparing a fancy dish.

So we set out on our journey and blazed the food trail.

Try it out with Triple T’s Duck Breast recipe


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    My young adult son has a passion for cooking and a chef who guides him. My son tells me about the importance of balance and blend. He has created many wonderful dishes over the years.
    Thank you for this post and following your passions, so you can share more posts like this. 🙂 ren

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    Great post. Gordon’s Ultimate Cookery Course sounds like something I should watch haha.

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      Well if you like Gordon and you like food you will not go wrong with it.