Entrée for every day

29/06/2016 2 Comments

So we were visiting my family in Perth, Australia, and one of the things we always do when on vacation is to make sure that we have good food, be that at a fancy restaurant, a cosy street pub or just at home cooking.

It was late afternoon and we decided to throw a prawn on the barbie, well actually we used a juicy piece of steak instead. We were quite peckish and wanted something to nibble on before the whole braai (Afrikaans for barbeque) got underway. Looking in the pantry we found some potato chips and dip, which would have done the job on any other day, but we were craving something different…

We checked to see what was in the fridge and violà, everything we need for possibly the best pizza I have ever had, if I have to say so myself.

Quickly we got everything together and by the time the pizza came out of the oven, we were ready to start flame grillin’ the steaks, so obviously we took a quick intermission between getting the main meal ready and actually cooking the main meal to have an entrée, an entrée for every day actually.

When the tasty pizza was finished we realized we should have actually just made more of it from the beginning. Regret always comes too late. Not to worry, the steak was also very delicious.

To this day we look back at the birth of Tasty’s pizza and marvel over the fact that we made something so exquisite without putting in days of preparation.

Try it out with Triple T’s Pizza recipe


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    Very nice! I have a friend who would LOVE this pizza and I will share your recipe with her. Thank you. You mention ‘lazy’ – here in Michigan, USA, we can buy a ball of pizza dough, fresh or frozen [for cheap] from local pizzerias.

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      Thank you very much. That sounds perfect. We can only get the base or you have to make the dough from scratch.