Coffee is Life, Coffee is Love

25/06/2016 2 Comments

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy for us, hence the reason I haven’t posted anything in a while, for which I do apologize. No worries, now on to a more serious topic, maybe even the most serious, but definitely the most important… COFFEE!

You all know it, most of you have at least tasted it, and I really do hope that some of you love it. I’m not talking about loving it like your first school crush, even though it was probably more of a small liking affection than anything else, you know how kids can be. I’m talking about looove, so much love that you can’t bare to be without it. No, I don’t mean addiction here.

Ok, now that we are on the same page, our adventure can begin.

Everyone has their favourite coffee…

(This next part could even be a song if you add a little beat to it, or just make it a poem)
Do you want a small or tall,
grande or venti,
maybe even a trenta?
Is it going to be latte or cappuccino,
a flat white or coffee milk,
how about a yuanyang?
Make it instant,
make it iced,
add some liqueur to make it nice (wow that sounded corny).
From Irish to Jamaican,
to Australian and even Russian.
We like it Calypso,
we like it Brandy,
please make mine Shin Shin,
wow that is yum yum (poetry sure is taking a toll here, must be all the liqueur).

Coffee is Life, Coffee is Love by Chris, from TwoTastyTummies.

We decided to treat ourselves to a very special kind of coffee, a coffee that can only be found in Johannesburg, South Africa, at The Grind Coffee Company. Sure they have the normal coffees that most café restaurants would be able to supply you with, which are also spectacular, but they have something even better, which they call…
…Coffee in a Cone…
…Ok, that was a bit anticlimactic, but the name does not do justice to this absolute masterpiece of a cup of coffee, or should I say, cone of coffee.
It is a delicious sugar cone, lined with smooth milk chocolate. This is what your coffee is poured into, even the coffee loves being in this cone, you can see the coffee showing you its heart. Joy and happiness all round folks.

So now it is time to drink your coffee, which has started to melt the chocolate, so your coffee has become a lot sweeter, having a good old strong cup is perfect before you start eating away at the magnificent cone, and being filled up with coffee and sweetness sure is a good way to start or even end a day.

No matter what your preference, or what your alignment, this is your life, this is your love.

Lastly, here is some caffeine for the ears, goes really well with a nice cup of coffee too.


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    Love the poem 😂

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      Haha. Thank you very much. Not really a poet, but I thought that I would give it a shot.