Rustic isn’t so rusty after all

17/06/2016 1 Comments

I absolutely love The Recipe Hunter. Simple, tasty and effective meals that can be cooked at home with no problems.

I was browsing the blog when I immediately noticed a post about a steak stack, wow can anyone say that three times fast. It looked so inviting, so delicious and oh so messy to eat. Then I realized it, it was that rustic look that grabbed my attention. Something so modern, yet at the same time not really, something so fancy, but at the same time it isn’t. I think it is the fact that it seems so abstract to me, that I find it so appealing.

No matter where we sit down to eat, if I get a plate of food like this I almost instantaneously start loving it.

Lunch you will want more than once a week!

Source: Denzy’s Steak stack with Rocket

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    The Recipe Hunter


    Thank you so much for your kind words and write up and sharing this recipe on your blog. Much appreciated.