Mouth watering moments

11/06/2016 1 Comments


If that is the first thing that came to mind when you saw this then you came to the right place. If not, well, then you still might be in the right place, I’m not psychic.

What you see here are a few of the amazing plates that are served at Bad Apples Bar in Perth, Australia. My god this place was amazing. We quickly popped in here to have a few drinks and ordered a few of their menu items seeing as we were quite peckish. Duck tacos! Duck Tacos! DUCK TACOS! Those things are mind blasting, you heard me, not mind blowing, mind BLASTING!!! 

Not only was the food delicious, the drinks were great and the atmosphere was cool, calm and inviting.

I will make sure to pop in here every time I’m in Perth, and if you ever find yourself there, do yourself the favour and check it out.

We will certainly try to make dishes like these at home and post the recipes if we feel like we were successful.


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